About Us

Our Mission

At Guardicloud, our mission is clear – to be the trusted guardians of your digital assets.

We believe that every business, big or small, deserves the highest level of protection in the ever-changing landscape of technology. Our aim is not just to provide services but to create lasting partnerships where your success is at the forefront of everything we do.


Meet the Team

Kieran McManus, our Founder & CEO, has worked in the technology field for over a decade. From small nonprofits to large tech companies in Manhattan, he has a wide range of experience and expertise. Equally knowledgeable of IT and outstanding customer service. Kieran is a dedicated husband and father. He is also a big fan of pizza, the Buffalo Bills, and Ron Swanson.

Kieran is not a big fan of sales people or IT people, but now he is both. Traditionally, sales people are too pushy and inauthentic, and IT people are sweaty and condescending. He is working every day to turn those stereotypes upside down with Guardicloud.

What Does GuardiCloud Do?

Guardicloud is a premier cybersecurity services and managed IT services provider based in Auburn, NY. We serve all of Central New York, from Syracuse to Rochester to Ithaca.

We do everything within our power to give you the highest level and layers of protection. This is to help mitigate your cybersecurity liability risks as much as possible. 10 years ago, 5 years ago, even 2 years ago, I.T. was all about fixing printers and connecting to Wi-Fi. We still do that, but what is paramount now is cybersecurity. Just one cyber attack can put someone out of business overnight. It is our mission to stop that from happening to organizations of all sizes.

Our Story

Auburn Computer closed its doors in August 2022. Just a few months prior, Guardicloud started up as McManus IT Solutions.

We like to think of ourselves as the spiritual successor and evolution of Auburn Computer. Jon Robson, a pillar of the Auburn community, always put his customers first. He treated everyone as a human being, not just a number. We strive to carry on his ethos in all that we do.

In today’s technological landscape, repair shops and break/fix work are increasingly irrelevant. We are constantly evolving, using only the best technology and solutions for our clients and for ourselves.

Guardicloud is now carrying on Auburn Computer’s legacy from the very same historic Phoenix Building in Downtown Auburn, NY.