Orange Cables

Minimum Standards

We will require that You have certain hardware and Software in place in order for Us to meet Our Service obligations. We will update this list from time to time as certain technologies age and other technologies are released and tested by Us. We will endeavor to notify you of such changes.

If You do not have all of these Minimum Standards in place before the date hereof, We will work with You on a plan to bring your Network up to our Minimum Standards.
We will do our best to support any items that do not currently meet Our Minimum Standards. However, if an item requiring support does not meet our Minimum Standards, We may charge You for any time incurred for supporting that item.


    • Less than 5 years old
    • Core i5 Processor (or equivalent)
    • 16 GB RAM
    • SSD Hard Drive


    • 100 MB Internet Download Speeds
    • Licensed Managed Firewall
    • Managed Network Switch
    • Network Storage Drive (NAS)